API Debuging tool

Similar to the Network tab in Chrome Dev Tools but works for any API, Mobile apps, web hooks, frontend etc..

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Realtime logs

View requests and responses in realtime with associated data. Don't miss another rogue request!

Offline support

Download our MacOS / Linux / Windows apps to use intercept.rest locally even without internet

Collaborate better

Enhance productivity by not having to share network logs and errors manually

Instantly switch APIs

Switch the target API endpoint between dev, staging and production on the fly.

Remotely monitor all your requests

View requests on your dashboard as they happen. It helps you track issues while testing the mobile app or website, even if it's your client doing the testing from a different location. Similar to Requestbin

Realtime logs

View headers and data for requests and responses

HTTPS support

Remotely monitor all your requests

Share logs with the team

If you have separate teams working on the API provider and the API consumer, it's easier to collaborate and debug edge cases.

Trace the rare errors and bugs

Reproduce errors and verify fixes

Compare different requests

Share logs with the team

API's not ready yet? Mock it!

Your API might not be ready when the mobile app team starts their work. No problem, start mocking API responses with intercept.rest and switch to the actual API when it is live.It's super simple to mock API with intercept

Prebuilt Mock Servers

Start with prebuild mock servers

Static JSON responses

Simple Authentication


Mock Network Conditions

Test how your app behaves for different cases

Delay in responses

Unexpected responses

CORS support

Make It Live

Two clicks to start using the actual API

Disable mocking

Add the API URL

Test the API

Start using intercept.rest

Create an online interceptor and start monitoring.

Create Interceptor
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